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From: Tobias Micke
To: Asia Pacific Travel Vietnam
Sent: Sunday, December 07, 2014 10:05 PM
Subject: AW: BikeToursVietnam Request From Tobias Micke
Dear Tham,
thank you for your request. Now I’m back home again and have some very good memories of Vietnam. To answer your question about the bike trip:

It was wonderful, just the thing that I expected.
A ontime pick-up at my hotel.
A great tour with wonderful scenery.
Very good bike in an excellent condition.
A lovely homestay with fantastic people.
Great (and more than sufficient) authentic Vietnamese food.
A friendly guide and a nice bus driver.

If anything to complain, I could mention:
The guide was nice as mentioned above but could be a bit more communicative and informative about cultural backgrounds and actual things that are seen at the tour.

All in all statement : excellent.

Thank you very much for the organization of this trip, I will definitely recommend you to friends.
With kind regards,
Tobias Micke


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